About us

In 2013 we started out as wholesalers, selling roughly 50 cars a month to retailers. On the road all day everyday visiting all four corners on Johannesburg and even outside areas such as Klerksdorp where we sold certain vehicles. It was just myself, Wade House and Marchelle Tollemache as it is now, and we started to build a name that meant something, but only as a supplier to the retail sector, there was no public knowledge of HT AUTO at the time, only to those who knew us.

We had always had discussions about going into retail, but at those times we had not yet built up enough capital to be able to purchase enough variety to sell to the public in order to do a set amount of units in a month. We cried on until 2017, which was when we had enough capital to open a small retail outlet to the public and purchase enough motor cars to have a variety for the public to choose from in order to do the units required on a monthly basis. We are now here to clean up the retail industry, to provide better vehicles and better service to the public and the best price possible.

On a daily basis you will find that each day differs, each individual in HT AUTO please a specific roll in our company. I will refer to them as the golden team. I feel that if we lost just one of them we would not be able to function the way we do. Each of us at HT AUTO are like a gear in a gearbox. Take one away and we would not be able to gain speed if any for that matter.

HT AUTO is a select dealership that you can trust, because we have earned it. Not only do we offer stellar service, but we go the extra mile by ensuring our clients peace of mind by operating transparently with them and our trusted finance houses.

We offer finance through the below banks:
Standard Bank